Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11/22/08 DRIVE/WH

Nice little herd of Zebras

Just really liked this one, lol

And they go on their way

Not sure but I think these are a couple of Impala dashing through.

On the Drive, looks like someone is 'hitchin' a ride'

Now isn't he handsome

Honest, I'm late for work because there was a troop of baboons running down the road ! And I even have a picture to prove it, lol.

Can't remember what Rexon called this bird.

Highlight of my time on the Drive

A bit shy at first ...

but soon warmed up.

Hello there !

Now isn't that just like a puppy ... chew


makes for strong teeth and jaws like Mom's

Even Mom's ear isn't safe, LOL

But like a puppy those little milk teeth are sharp and it wasn't long before Mom got her ear out of range.

Now how can you not love a face like that !

Images courtesy of www.wildearth.tv (Drive cam)

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