Friday, November 07, 2008

11/6/08 PM DRIVE

When I jumped on the Drive, we had the pleasure of spotting this Striped Cuckoo

First for me.

Watching us watch it, LOL

Then we were driving along when Pieter let out a, well he let out something. Who could this be?


Looks deep but ...

going in for a drink anyways.

There was some question as to who this was.

Karula or White Cloud. I'm still not sure which it was. But either way, I'm happy to see her.

On the move.

And very close to the guys.

Right side

Left side.

Then it was on to find this Bull Ellie having dinner.

Pieter said he had pushed this tree over within the last half hour or so. Now that's power !

Hat wearin Ellie.

This Starling was chasing a tiny baby Squirrel. (Don't worry it got away)

Close up.

What can I say ! Sunsets are a weakness of mine, lol.


Hey Beasties ! Been a while since I saw these.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PETE ! What an great way to spend his birthday, manning the cam for a awesome Drive. And he had some mighty fine sitings too !

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)



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