Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hmmmmmmm..... now just what or who can that be??

Zoom in please.

Ah thank you. It sure looks like a Hippo

It is, it is a Hippo !

Been so long since I've seen one of these (and it's not in the water!)

Checking things out

Bit tricky walking over the rocks but

never fear, where there is a will,

there is a way. Not the most graceful entrance but...

the end result is the same.


The terepins like this addition to the waterhole.

Another creature we don't get to see to often (they mighty quick). This one we caught in the middle of 'diggin' for dinner.

Guess the prospect of dinner was greater then the need to elude us, LOL


Images courtesy of (Drive cam
and archives)


You may notice that I've added Archives to the credit. That's because when I checked the cam I saw a Hippo right in the middle of the waterhole. Well since I've never seen this guy out of the water, I went and checked the archives and found the clip with this guy arriving. The archives are great, thanks WE for providing them. I'm sure there are many who are thankful.


Well I think that's bout it for now so


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