Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beautiful Nyala Bull does a walk through

Now there's a 'bum' you can't mistake, LOL

OK I know it's a bird ...

now I see, an Ibis. Was moving so fast I wasn't sure til it stopped.

Back on the Drive we came across some Zebra

but they were on the shy side.

The Mongoose youngsters peek out

Wisely they stay very close to home.

Colors of sunrise and sunset are unmatchable

even when reflected

Wartie out for an evening walk

Raffies are fascinating too.

I always think something has the cutest face til I see the next animal and then that one has the cutest face, LOL

Now I don't remember who was the 'cam man' for this Drive but all who work that spot have an eye for giving us the perfect photo ops.

This big guy was taking select branches. Rexon said that mature Bulls will do that so they can come back later. No need to push down the whole tree.

Would you look at those tusks !

Rexon figures he's about 40/45 years old.

And he's also wearing a collar (GPS tracking)

So nice to see that he's managed to keep both tusks so long.

Wow is all I can say.

See ya later Big Boy !

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)



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