Sunday, November 16, 2008

Here I sit, at 2:25 in the morning, wide awake! Just got off the A.M. Drive. It was, to put it mildly, intense!
Lots of stuff going on. Mvula, the dominant male leopard, made a very big appearance, and that was really the highlight! ~ DaveKay

Hyena pup, the younger

Hyena pup, the older

Mvula, on the A.M. Drive

the name means "rain".

Gibbous moon

The usual gorgeous African sunset

A gigantic thunderhead forming in the distance

One raffie chillin', the other guardin'
(I like this. How often do we get to see a raffie laying down)

Karula gives Pieter the eye as she brushes past the Landie. He could have reached out and touched her! (I saw this in the vids at WE blog. Pieter was soooo very cited)
Images courtesy of (Drive cam) and DaveKay
That's it for this batch! I'm half afraid to go back and check for spelling!

I'll catch ya later today, after my beauty sleep! LOL ~ DaveKay
Well I hope you got some sleep but I'll bet it was a bit hard after a Drive like that. Thanks for staying up so late for us.

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