Friday, February 13, 2009

2/11 and 2/13 DRIVES

Looks like rain maybe moving into the area soon

So we hurry to catch the Rhinos

Hey Mom, wait for me ! !


We see her but she doesn't see us

but she surely does hear us

A bump and nuzzle and next thing ya know ...

it's dinner time

HMMMM good stuff

Then time for a short nap

while Mom stands guard.

Then on the 13th this Squirrel was sounding the alarm.

And this was why. Saseka was out Squirrel hunting. (I believe Saseka is one of Karula's cubs from last year)

WOW it's a long was down.

Hope I can find a way down, lol.

Doesn't look so bad after all.

Watching to make sure Saseka is moving on.

Then before the PM Drive on the 13th, a couple of buffs soaking the day away at Gowrie.

Oh it's turned into a perfect day.

Pieter finds a unwelcome hitchhiker

Hinged back Tortoise

A lone Dwarf Mongoose

2 Doves on the Road, Rexon says they mean good luck.

A a rare treat, a Drongo on the ground. They prefer perching over standing on flat surfaces.

Nyala Bull.

Actually 2 of them

Handsome fella, isn't he ?

Off they go.


Went a short way away to see if he could hear some Ellies that were reported in the area.

Bug that gave Pieter a hard time, lol. (Got stuck in his throat)

Good tree to go up and see if those Ellies can be spotted, (Actually I think Pieter just likes climbing trees and looking for the Ellies was an excuse, lol)

On his way back down

And another hitchhiker, this time a Hairy Caterpillar. The hairs are very irritating to the skin and can cause a rash.

Must be a day for insects and bugs, lol. An Orb Spider, this one is a female.

Equal time for the Male Orb Spider.

European Swallow

Impala lamb. Must of got separated from Mom. But when it meets up with any other Impala's it will easily blend right into the herd.

Sunlight on the grass

A quick check at the Waterhole shows how much it's been raining there.

Twin Dams is full too. Nice to see all the green and water in the area.

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)

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