Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Finally, got to see those eggs for myself, lol.

Looks like I caught the changing of the guard.

All settled in for the shift.
Images courtesy of (Eagle cam)

Time to preen

Sitting for hours tends to bunch the feathers, lol

AHHHH the feel of wind through my feathers.

Not long after this Turkey Vulture stops by.

AMMMM...I was enjoying a quiet moment here.

Your in my 'personal' space

Gee, was it something I said ??

sniff sniff I don't smell bad.
Images courtesy of (Osprey cam)

AWWW moment at Djuma

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)

I see the Beastie in the back but am not sure what that is standing by the Waterhole. Any ideas????

Image courtesy of (Nossob cam)

Orpen had a few visitors too. Check out that reflection.

Images courtesy of (Orpen cam)

So close yet so far, lol.

Much better, thanks.

Images courtesy of (Satara cam)

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