Thursday, April 02, 2009


My odd ball, lol. Hey what can I say, Djuma is one of my favorite places to visit.
Image courtesy of (Drive cam)

Now on to the Hancock Wildlife cams. I'll start with the HWF Owl cam. If you look closely you can see 1 egg, right by the Eagles right shoulder.

These 2 keep their eggs pretty much under 'wraps'.

Got a tiny peek from the Cam at the Sidney site too.

Images courtesy of / (Sidney cam)

Last but not least the Hornby Island cam. There was a whole lot of calling back and forth ...

waiting patiently for the changing of the guard.

Backup has arrived !

Reporting for duty !

Images courtesy of / (Hornby Island cam)

My, my the kids at Blackwater are growing by leaps and bounds

Images courtesy of (Eagle cam) /

Morning stretch time.


Maybe we should rearrange a bit

I'm not happy with this corner

Much better like that.
I also did a quick run through some of the Falcon cams and things are starting to get busy for the Falcon families too. Hope to get some decent views for you in the very near future.

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