Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Got on just in time to sneak a peek, almost didn't get a picture.

I love watching Ellies trunks. So strong yet so gentle if needed.

This Guy was just hanging out all by his lonesome.

Maybe he's off to find friends?

But he's certainly on a mission.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ahhh.. another fav.

Giraffes, Elephants and Lions ... can't help but think of Africa when you see them

It was very early morning and there was a light fog rolling over the waterhole. It was awesome.

Hanging out

This Beestie would lay down, sit up, lay down, sit up just couldn't decide
Images courtesy of http://www.wildearth.tv/ (Drive cam)

Hey activity what Nkorho. Finally checked there at the right time, lol.


Wartie action
Images courtesy of http://www.africam.com/ (Nkorho stream)

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