Friday, June 19, 2009


Marc was out to find the Styx pride, who so far have eluded us. He stopped to show us some local color,

and the source of song.

After much looking around and with the help of friends it is decided that our intended target is close by. The team splits up,

seems the mud wasn't as solid as Marc thought so out comes the jack,

and a few tree limbs he found in the area are just the thing to get us on our way again.

Success ! ! ! This lovely lady has an injury of some sort to her right front paw. Possibly a stick/thorn in the pad.

Here it comes, get ready ...

just look at those chompers.

back scratchin'

A little further along we find the rest of the pride.

Who's arrived ??

Ahhh, it's our lovely lady.

And she's greeted by the cubs. Marc speculated that it was out of concern and I'm going with that. I like that idea.

I liked this scene with the cub in the background

Wonder what was so interesting down there?

Boys being boys, there's always some wrestling

all in fun. And it's good practice for the day they may have to defend their own pride.

naps. They do need their beauty sleep.

Sleepy lions yawn a lot, lol.

Now this one I just couldn't help but share.

The picture of innocence, isn't he?

The sky grows dark and the pride moves on.

With one last good stretch, they say farewell.
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
Well all the waiting and scouting was certainly worth the time spent with the pride. Another adult female has a gash on her leg also, which may account for the lengthy visit. Whatever the reason, it's always exciting to see a pride with cubs that are growing. Thanks WE for sharing the wonders of the bush with the world.

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