Monday, June 15, 2009


To start ... Rhinos

sluuurp !

Going in

Didn't hear what kind this is but I think it's a Martial Eagle.
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)

Everybody's home at the Sidney nest
Image courtesy of / (Sidney cam)

Babies at
O.W.L cam

Back over at Gowrie, the Hippo has a hitchhiker...

but not for long, lol.

That certainly is a way to get a terrapin off your head

Bye bye
Images courtesy or (Drive cam)

The little one at Hornsby Island isn't so little anymore
Image courtesy of / (Hornsby Island cam)

Sadly it looks like one chick was lost at O.W.L. I wondered if the nest was going to be big enough for 2.

Images courtesy of / (O.W.L. cam)

The big kids at Sidney

Buff Bull hanging out at the waterhole

Go Away bird partaking in a dust bath.

The Styx Pride has young'uns. This little guy is playing with what looks like a piece of wire. Herman said that after the lions have moved on it will be picked up.

One day my teeth will be reallllly big.

Cute, cute, cute

Full bellies make for sleepy lions

A little lady awakes to find us watching her, lol.

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)

Have no clue what showed up at KWA but here it is.

A wartie I believe
Images courtesy of (KWA cam)

Hard to tell but I think there are chicks as it appears that I caught them at feeding time.

That's it folks. I know, lots to see. Guess I shouldn't wait so long the next time.

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