Saturday, September 26, 2009


It is my understanding that the Ellie in question has had a miscarriage.  The cause of which has not been determined.  While this is a dangerous situation for the Ellie it is possible for her body to remedy the situation by breaking down the fetus and then expelling it.  There is no way of telling at this point if that will be the case. Time will tell. Of course, whatever happens is all a part of nature and it has been decided to let nature take it's course.  As I understand it, the risk to the Ellie if medical staff were to step in is too great.  Policy is generally to let nature take it's course unless the injury is from human action (such as getting caught up in trash, being hit by a vehicle or injuries suffered from poachers snares)and if there is something that can be done.

I know there are a lot of positive thoughts, energies and prayers going towards her and I can't help but think that will help.  And it appears that she is in very good health otherwise which is in her favor.

I'd like to thank Pieter P. for giving us some insight into what is happening.  You can also check the WE blog(link at right), as I'm sure they'll post something when they hear any news.  I will post if I hear anymore.  I would like to ask that anyone who hears anything to please forward the info to Little Bit and I'll share whatever news we gather.  Thanks.


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