Tuesday, October 06, 2009


My, a lot has happened since I was last able to get on a Drive. A week or so ago I told you about an Ellie that was at the time thought to have had a miscarriage and was not doing well. It seems that so many were concerned about the lady in question that an exception was made to have vets check her out. Normally this is not done unless the problem is cause by humans. According to the notice on WE it was determined that that Ellie was rather old and was suffering from constipation. The decision at the time was to let her live out her life naturally, as her calf was old enough to get on without her and had been accepted by the herd. It appears that the herd moved into northern Sabi Sands area where Sun morning the Ellie was found dead. There are tracks indicating that the herd and her calf were with her at the end, so she was not alone. Pieter plans on writing detailed blog soon, The WE blog link can be found listed on the right.

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