Monday, February 25, 2008


These range from 2/14 to 2/18 so here goes ...

What would Feb 14th be without hearts. Use your imagination , see the heart towards the middle of the photo

This one is harder but if you look up from the arrow just a bit the lighter green looks like a heart, well kinda anyway. LOL

Boonies playin Follow the Leader


Pieter off looking for tracks

This is not a Golden Orb Spider, it's her cousin the Garden Orb Spider

Now the Francolins are playing Follow the Leader (btw there are 12 chicks in this group with mom and dad at the front and back)

The PM Drive brought more Francolins, look at the under-feathers in the tail, pretty

Ellies came down to Gowrie for a drink

Isn't that the cutest little Ellie

Bumpin Butts

One of the new try out guys, I'm sorry I didn't catch his name.

But he saw lots of birds. Go Away (Grey Lourie)


Crested Barbet

Grey Heron and what looks to be a Pied Plover

On the 15th I finally saw instead of just heard this one, Ibis at the WH

Don't remember what, but it sure is pretty

Boonie on sentry duty on 2/16

Rexon doing an excellent Hippo call

Night bird in bush

The 17th brought out the song in this Woodland Kingfisher

Afternoon drink

Water wasn't cold enough I guess LOL

On the 18th we find the drag marks from a Leopard and it's kill.

And the Boonies working on the cam again !

See that small tree directly in front of us? Rexon drove right over it.

Dagga Boys hanging out

Another new face, this one is Dinamossi (I confess I went to WE blog to get the spelling. No way I would of got it on my own). He will probably get another try since the tank broke down about 5 minutes into his tryout.

But he did show us these leaves. I missed what kind they are but he said in a pinch you can use them as a sub for toilet paper. I don't know if I'd go that far LOL
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
Well that wraps up all I had in my stash. Now on to what was sent in and the AM Drive from the 25th.

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