Sunday, February 03, 2008

PM DRIVES 2/1 2/2 2/3

Hey The Judge, been awhile since we saw him

This Rhino is keeping his eye on us
Beestie in the golden sunlight


Waiting to cross the road

Bull Hippo scent marking

Burchell's Starling


I can't get over how much like a Tabby the look

Didn't catch the name of this Eagle, but they were also talking about snakes so I'm thinking Snake Eagle

Family of Crested Francolins (doesn't it look like a ghost bird to the far left?)

Our ever present Bull Hippo (gotta come up with a name for him LOL)

New face, introducing Patrick.

This stump is used as a rubbing post...

you can see where it's worn smooth.

Bull Ellie

Bushbaby hiding out

Ellie's are excited right now most likely because of all the food that's around. That's why that gland behind the eye is draining.

Lilac Breasted Roller



Turtle Doves, Rexon said when you see 2 together like this it's good luck

Rexon may have spoke too soon, landie needed a push start. Ended up Alex had to do the pushing while Rexon did the starting.

Redbill Hornbill, called a Chili by locals because of the bill. Interesting note, they call Yellowbill's Flying Banana's.

Wahlberg Eagle pair, they mate for life

and their nest. Rexon did say there were chicks in there

How many different kind of animals can you find in this shot? There are 3.

Our next new face is, Piet. He's finishing up the drive on 2/3

Burchell's Starling

Jackalberry Tree aka Ebony Tree. The wood turns very dark and beautiful when carved. It also has a sweet fruit that can be eaten

Drop Tail Ants

Scrub Hare out for a stroll

Grasshopper. Can't tell at night but is very colorful with red, yellow, orange and green. And it is poisonous. Most colorful bugs there are and the brilliant colors let everyone know it.
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
Phew, got all my junk outta the way. Now on to what got sent in.

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