Thursday, March 06, 2008

2/29/08 AM DRIVE

Wow! Pieter is really coming through with a lot of goodies on each of his drives - I'm grabbin' shots like crazy, knowing full well I'll regret it when I go back to clean them up to send to you! It's all well worth it, though. And it's great to have Pieter back! These are shots of the lioness that he was so excited about on this drive. She is one gorgeous cat!

Enjoy! ~ DaveKay

Images courtesy of (Drive cam) and DaveKay
I can certainly see why Pieter would be so excited. She is Beautiful. Whatever she was looking at made very some very nice shots. Thanks DaveKay. I know this post is way behind but I've got a bit of an issue here that I'm trying to figure out. Seems I can't get on any streaming cam with Media Player anymore. Got 1 more thing to try before clumps of hair start coming out LOL. Well there is a lot more to get to so

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